Step 1: Registering for 'My Family Lounge'

2. Select 'Register'

If you are already registered with 'My Family Lounge' (QIKKIDS) for your child's previous child care then select 'SIGN IN'. 

3. Provide your full name & email address

You have successfully registered
Registration Error: You already have a 'My Family Lounge account

1. Click this link:

2. Select 'Sign-In'

3. If your login details are VALID, you will be signed in to the enrolment mangment portal:


4. If your login details are INVALID, you will need to reset your password by follwing the prompts.

4. You will then be sent an email, open the email and select 'Complete Registration'.

5. Follow the instructions to create a password, tick the 'Terms & Conditions' box and select 'Complete Registration'.

6. Click 'Sign In' & Sign in with the Email Address you provided and the password you created.

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