Enrolment Guide
Step 3: Enrolment Form


  • You MUST complete all the required fields marked with an asterisk '*'.

  • All phone numbers must have 10 DIGITS & NO SPACES e.g. 0409727927 or 0291306209.


    • The PRIMARY contact is the Parent/Guardian who is claiming Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and is connected to Centrelink with a Customer Reference Number (CRN). The primary contact will also receive a statement of account each week.

    • ADDITIONAL/EMERGENCY CONTACTS MUST be different to the primary & secondary contact.

  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

    • To claim CCS, you MUST provide a CRN for​ 1 Parent/Guardian & a SEPERATE CRN for each child.

    • Double-check that each Date Of Birth is correct.

  • If you do not finish completing the enrolment select 'SAVE', if you finish, select 'SUBMIT'.

  • If you receive the message below, this means that you still need to complete some fields which will be highlighted red:

Part 1: Enrolment Information

1. Select 'Start Enrolment'

2. Service to Enrol: select 'Bondi Before & After School Care'

3. Provide a Primary (CRN HOLDER) & Secondary Contact

4. Provide 2 Emergency Contacts which are DIFFERENT from the Primary & Secondary Contact

5. OPTIONAL: Provide a Medical Contact

6. Complete Child Information

7. Medical & Dietary Restrictions

8. Upload Medical Immunisation​ Form

9. Medical Authorisations

10. Additional Authorisations

11. Read & Tick to Sign: Service 'Terms & Conditions'

Part 2: Direct Debit Details

1. Select 'Billing Contact Information': Either Primary or Secondary contact

2. Read & Tick to Sign: Direct Debit 'Terms & Conditions'

3. Authorise & Submit billing details for a working Credit Card or Bank Account​​

4. Select 'Continue'

Part 3: Submit Enrolment Form & Confirm Submission

1. Select 'Submit'

2. Check your email address to CONFIRM that the enrolment form was submitted

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