Enrolment Guide

 Bondi BASC can  only accept enrolments for primary aged children enrolled at Bondi Public School.

Step 1: Registering for 'My Family Lounge'

2. Select 'Register'

If you are already registered with 'My Family Lounge' (QIKKIDS) for your child's previous child care then select 'SIGN IN'. 

3. Provide your full name & email address

You have successfully registered
Registration Error: You already have a 'My Family Lounge account

1. Click this link: https://www.bondibasc.com/sign-in-register

2. Select 'Sign-In'

3. If your login details are VALID, you will be signed in to the enrolment mangment portal:


4. If your login details are INVALID, you will need to reset your password by follwing the prompts.

4. You will then be sent an email, open the email and select 'Complete Registration'.

5. Follow the instructions to create a password, tick the 'Terms & Conditions' box and select 'Complete Registration'.

6. Click 'Sign In' & Sign in with the Email Address you provided and the password you created.

Step 2: My Family Lounge Enrolment Management Portal

IMPORTANT: Your personal 'Enrolment Management Portal' is where you manage your child's enrolment for the duration of their enrolment at our service. 

1. Understanding the Enrolment Management Portal

2. Adding Primary, Secondary & Additional Contacts.​

​3. Adding your Child's Details

Step 3: Enrolment Form


  • You MUST complete all the required fields marked with an asterisk '*'.

  • All phone numbers must have 10 DIGITS & NO SPACES e.g. 0409727927 or 0291306209.


    • The PRIMARY contact is the Parent/Guardian who is claiming Child Care Subsidy (CCS) and is connected to Centrelink with a Customer Reference Number (CRN). The primary contact will also receive a statement of account each week.

    • ADDITIONAL/EMERGENCY CONTACTS MUST be different to the primary & secondary contact.

  • Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

    • To claim CCS, you MUST provide a CRN for​ 1 Parent/Guardian & a SEPERATE CRN for each child.

    • Double-check that each Date Of Birth is correct.

  • If you do not finish completing the enrolment select 'SAVE', if you finish, select 'SUBMIT'.

  • If you receive the message below, this means that you still need to complete some fields which will be highlighted red:

Part 1: Enrolment Information

1. Select 'Start Enrolment'

2. Service to Enrol: select 'Bondi Before & After School Care'

3. Provide a Primary (CRN HOLDER) & Secondary Contact

4. Provide 2 Emergency Contacts which are DIFFERENT from the Primary & Secondary Contact

5. OPTIONAL: Provide a Medical Contact

6. Complete Child Information

7. Medical & Dietary Restrictions

8. Upload Medical Immunisation​ Form

9. Medical Authorisations

10. Additional Authorisations

11. Read & Tick to Sign: Service 'Terms & Conditions'

Part 2: Direct Debit Details

1. Select 'Billing Contact Information': Either Primary or Secondary contact

2. Read & Tick to Sign: Direct Debit 'Terms & Conditions'

3. Authorise & Submit billing details for a working Credit Card or Bank Account​​

4. Select 'Continue'

Part 3: Submit Enrolment Form & Confirm Submission

1. Select 'Submit'

2. Check your email address to CONFIRM that the enrolment form was submitted

Step 4: Connecting With BASC
Step 1: Download the 'My Family Lounge' App

The 'My Family Lounge' app, is an easy and convenient way for parents to:

  • Make casual bookings, including all vacation care bookings.

  • Mark absent days.

  • View their child's portfolio.

Click below to download the 'My Family Lounge' App

Step 2: Add our contact details to your mobile devices
Phone: 02 9130 6209                                        Email: bondiaftercare@gmail.com                    Mobile: 0409 727 927 (SMS ONLY)
Step 3: Download Class Dojo

Families will be able to connect BASC to their existing ClassDojo app and access it as if it were just another classroom. This will provide you with instant and easy access to BASC programs, menus, surveys and notices of special events, as well as learning stories from our educators that include photos and evaluations of the activities your children participate in while at BASC.  

How to connect BASC to ClassDojo:

  1. You will receive an email with an invitation code unique to your family to enable you to connect your BASC ClassDojo account;

  2. Log into your existing account or download the ClassDojo app;

  3. Open profile in your app and select ‘Add’ then 'Parent'; 

  4. Enter your new code to connect. 

Click below to download the 'Class Dojo' App

Step 4: Follow Bondi BASC on Instagram
  • Instagram Social Icon
  • Our instagram account will be a convenient means of showcasing the diverse environments, programs and our recipes that many families have asked for.

  • Your children’s safety and security is of the utmost importance to us and therefore our instagram account is private and the photos on our instagram account will not contain identifiable faces. 

  • Note: If BASC is unsure of your identity from your Instagram profile we will contact you to confirm your request.

Our User Name: @bondiaftercare

Link: https://www.instagram.com/bondiaftercare/

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