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I understand that by completing the BASC enrolment form and paying the annual registration fee, I hereby apply to become a member of the Bondi Public School Before & After School Care Incorporated Association, I agree to be bound by the constitution of the association for the time of my membership.



I agree to follow the BASC Philosophy and treat all children, families & educators in the BASC community with respect.



I understand that I am required to follow BASC policies and procedures as a condition of enrolment, including participating in emergency evacuations for drills and real events, if they are in process when I am dropping off or collecting my child.


Emergency Evacuations

I give permission for my child to participate in regular evacuation drills or an actual evacuation when necessary. I understand that my child will be relocated from the service under the supervision of their educator and service team member to a safety zone for evacuation purposes.


Sick Child

I agree to collect or make arrangements for the collection of my child if they become unwell while attending the service.


Infectious Disease

I will exclude my child from BASC, for the period recognised by the NSW Department of Health Guidelines, if my child contracts an infectious disease or condition. I will provide a doctors certificate confirming when my child can return to BASC if required.



I am aware that I am required to pay my service fees in accordance with BASC policies and non-payment could result in cancellation of my child’s enrollment and recovery action may be undertaken at my expense.


Fee Debits

I will ensure my child's weekly attendance fees are available to be debited from my nominated bank account/credit card each Monday and notify BASC of any changes or cancellation to bank or credit card details.  


Permanent Bookings

I understand that cancelations to permanent bookings require 2-weeks notice via email.

Absent Fees

I understand that fees are payable for absences including, family holidays or sick periods if those days fall on a permanent day that my child is booked into BASC. 



I understand that it is my responsibility to provide BASC with the Centrelink Customer References Numbers (CRNs) for our family and each child in order to receive the Child Care Subsidy.



I understand that I have a responsibility, for the safety of all children, to notify BASC if my child will not be attending any session that they are booked in to attend.


Signing In/Out

I agree to sign in/out at the time of my child's arrival and departure from the service, ensuring to accurately record times in accordance with the service's legal requirements.


Authorised Pickup

I agree to notify the service if my child is to be collected by any person other than those listed in this enrolment form in accordance with BASC policies & procedures



I give permission for BASC staff to walk or drive my child to Bondi Police Station if I have not collected my child or contacted BASC by 7pm.



I agree to communicate any issues I may have with the BASC Director and understand that it is not appropriate to address any child directly with my concerns.



I will reinstate and pay any cost loss or claim that the service may incur as a result of my child’s attendance or actions.


Contact Info

I will keep BASC informed of any changes to my contact details or any other information relevant to my child's enrolment,



I declare that I am the applicant named on this form and that all information and documents provided as part of my application are true and correct.

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