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Fees & Charges
Fees & Charges
  • Permanent bookings attend the same days each week. These fees are set at a lower rate. Families must provide 2 weeks’ notice for any changes or cancellations to their permanent bookings.  

  • Please note that fees still apply for absent days.

  • Casual bookings attend different days and are required to book in advance to ensure a vacancy exists. Casual bookings can be made through the My Family Lounge app.

  • The Annual Registration Fee will be applied to your account on the Monday following your child's first booking of the year.

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Operating Hours
Method of Payment
Operating Hours
Method of Payment

Each week parents will receive a statement of their account detailing their fees for the previous week. 

All fees are automatically debited on the Monday following your child's bookings. Please ensure you have sufficient funds in your nominated account each Monday & allow up to 1-2 business days for the transaction to be processed.

You are required to provide direct debit details when completing your enrolment form. 

Child Care Benefit
Overdue Fees
Overdue Fees
Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

As we are a non-profit organisation we depend on on-time family payments for the daily operation of our centre. For parents with overdue fees, the following procedure will apply:

  • After three weeks of no payment, a $20 late payment fee will be added to the account.

  • If the account becomes 4 weeks overdue additional late payment fees will be applied to the account. The family will be contacted to discuss payment difficulties and make suitable arrangements to pay with the Admin Team.

  • After five weeks of non-payment, if no arrangements to pay have been made, or if made and not kept, the child’s place at BASC will be canceled & the spot offered to the next family on the waiting list.

The CCS Reduces the cost of your total child care fees. It is available to you if you are a parent, foster parent or grandparent with a child in your care who is attending child care approved for the purposes of Child Care Subsidy by, or registered with, the Government. There are certain eligibility requirements you must meet to get Child Care Subsidy.


Please login to your Centrelink account via MyGov or contact Centrelink via phone to see if your elligible to receive Child Care Subsidy. 


We require a seperate Customer Reference Number (CRN) for both the parent/guardian & each child applying for CCS.

Priority of Access & Waiting List
Routines and Proceedure
Routines and Procedure
  • The BASC online enrolment form must be completed prior to the use of the service, then parents are required to update the enrolment form with any changes.

  • Permanent bookings carry over each term unless BASC is informed otherwise.

  • BASC requires 2 weeks’ notice for any changes or cancellations to permanent bookings through your online 'My Family Lounge' account or via email:

  • Casual bookings are available but will be subject to availability and staffing requirements and have an extra cost.

  • It is your responsibility to inform us of changes to your details as it can affect the service we provide for you. Any changes to phone numbers, addresses, or authorised persons to collect your child must be communicated to the centre director.

  • Changes in your home life may affect your child’s behaviour or routine, this information may be useful for our educators in their day-to-day dealings with your child. Please keep the centre up to date with any changes.

Priority Access/Waiting List

Bondi BASC endeavors to abide by the priority of access guidelines set out by the Australian Government, therefore if there is a limited number of vacant places or in cases where a waiting list has been created, priority may be given as follows:

  • Priority of Access
    1. Child at risk of abuse or neglect
    2. Family in an emergency situation
    3. Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander families
    4. Families which include a person with a disability
    5. Low income (under $45,000)
    6. Children in socially isolated families
    7. Single parent families
    8. Both parents are working, training or studying

  • Sub-Categories

Signing In/Out
Signing In and Out
  • If there are any court orders affecting custody of your child, please provide a copy for our records.

  • Educators cannot restrict access to a parent without legal documents.

The attendance legal document, please ensure that you, and those authorised to collect your child, sign your child in or out of every Before, After or Vacation session they attend.

Signing your child in & out correctly will ensure the safety of your child in the case of an emergency evacuation.

Delivery and Pickup of Children
Delivery and Pickup of Children
  • Children are not to be left at the service unattended at any time prior to the opening hours of the service.

  • Please ensure that educators are aware of your child’s arrival and departure of the centre.

  • Children must be collected by 6pm.

  • Any person who is collecting a child from the service must be over 18 and listed as an authorised nominee on the child’s enrolment form with their contact details. The authorised nominee who is collecting a child must sign the attendance register and record the time of collection and their signature.

  • If a person who is not on the collection list arrives to collect a child, written authorisation will be sought from an authorised nominee before the child is able to leave the service. Educators will also request identification from the person collecting the child.

  • During After Care we offer your child a choice of activities which are run simultaneously in a variety environments, we do have the luxury of walkie talkies but please understand that you may need to be patient when collecting your child. If you find yourself in a hurry we advise that you ring ahead so educators can prepare your child for your arrival, but we do encourage families to visit the environment your child is playing in to see what activities they are engaged in while they attend BASC.

Non Attendance - Absences
Late Collection of Children
Non Attendance - Absences
Late Collection of Children
  • Families are required to notify staff whenever their child will not be attending BASC on their permanent day to prevent staff from having to conduct a search & ensure your child is safe and accounted for during our busiest period.

  • If a child is collected from school without BASC staff being notified an Unexplained Absence fee of $10.00 will be charged.

  • For permanent attendees, fees still apply if your child is absent. 

  • Each child is eligible to receive the Child Care Subsidy for 42 days absent per financial year. Absences exceeding 42 days will stop receiving CCS for any further absences.

  • We expect children to be picked up before 6pm. If you are running late due to unforeseen circumstances please notify educators as soon as possible so we can inform your child and avoid unnecessary anxiety.

  • If children are picked up after 6pm by the centre clock, a $20 late fee will be charged for each 15 minute block.

  • If staff have been unable to contact parents, authorised nominees and emergency contacts by 7pm, your child will be taken to Bondi Police Station.

Staff to Child Ratio's
Extra-Curricular Activities
Extra-Curricular Activities
Staff to Child Ratio's
  • If your child will be attending an extra-curricular activity during a session that they are booked into attend BASC you will be required to complete an extra-curricular permission form stating that your child will be out of the BASC educators care during the time of the activity. Educators are unable to permit children to leave the BASC centre without a signed permission form.

  • Please ensure that you have discussed drop off and pick up arrangements with your child and the extra -curricular instructor as BASC Educators cannot take responsibility for drop off and collection of your child as they have a duty of care to the children attending BASC and this would affect our staff to child ratios.

We comply with the recommended national standards of:

  • 1 educator to 15 children at the centre.

  • 1 educator to 8 children on excursions.

  • 1 educator to 5 children with water activities.

A minimum of 2 staff are on duty at all times.

An additional carer is allocated for children with special needs.

Complaints and Concerns
Complaints and Concerns

If a parent has a complaint or comment about our service they are encouraged to speak to the director who will arrange a time to discuss the concern and come to a resolution. If the complaint is not handled to the satisfaction of the parent they should discuss the matter to the president of the parent management committee.

Alternatively they can contact the regulatory authority on   

Complaints forms are available at the BASC sign in/out desk.

At BASC we believe that homework can be an enjoyable experience when working alongside peers in a supportive environment. We include homework in our daily Aftercare program to provide extra support to those working parents who may have limited time with their children at night.

Parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s individual needs with the director as we aim to provide assistance whenever possible. However, given the age range, number of children, other programmed activities, staffing numbers and unforeseeable circumstances, staff cannot take responsibility for completion of all homework; this is the responsibility of the child.

Environmental Sustainability
Environmental Sustainability

Our Vacation Care program provides opportunity for children to develop connections to their community therefore we offer a variety of excursions throughout our Vacation Care Program. Risk assessments are conduct and parents are required to sign permission forms for each excursion. If your place of employment would make an interesting trip or you have any suggestions for the centre we encourage and welcome family input.

During 2015 we plan to encourage the senior group to develop their sense of independence, agency and responsibility by going on trips in the local community.

At BASC we encourage environmental awareness by providing relevant experiences and materials to enhance children’s sense of social responsibility and respect for the environment. There are many definitions of ‘sustainable’, but essentially, if something is sustainable, it can keep going indefinitely.  By working collaboratively, children and educators can identify environmental issues in our community to focus on. We believe this will provide an opportunity to develop positive attitudes and a responsibility towards nurturing our natural environment. We aim to achieve sustainability by focusing on.

-Recycling and reusing
-Reducing unnecessary waste
-Reducing the use of chemicals
-Limiting energy usage

Menu and Nutrition
Administration of Medication
Menu and Nutrition
Administration of Medication
  • We provide a nutritious and colourful breakfast and afternoon tea in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.(“My Time, Our Place” 1.1). All food served at the service is consistent with the child’s own dietary requirements, and takes into consideration the children’s likes and dislikes as well as meeting any cultural requirements of families (“My Time, Our Place”  3.2).

  • Please notify staff of any allergies or food requirements your child may have. You will need to bring a statement from your child’s doctor confirming the food allergy and including any special instructions or emergency procedures. Menu items with equivalent nutritional value will be substituted for allergy-causing foods.

  • During Vacation Care, when parents are required to provide food for the day, it is recommended that food be in a thermal/cold pack lunchbox to keep it fresh and cool.

  • All dry foods are kept in airtight containers and all fresh food is kept in the refrigerator at the appropriate temperature in accordance with the Food Act.

  • Families who wish medication to be administered to their child or have their child administer the medication at BASC are required to complete a medication form.

  • Prescription medication will be administered only to the child for whom it is prescribed, from the original container bearing the child’s name and with a current use by date. In the event that a case of emergency requires verbal consent to administration of medication the service will provide written notice to the parent as soon as possible after administration of the medication.

  • In the case of an emergency verbal approval of a medical practitioner or parent may serve.

  • BASC Educators will only administer fever reducing medication such as child panadol or nurofen if authorised by the childs parents. Other non-prescription medication will not be administered at the service unless authorised by a doctor

  • No authorisation is required in the event of an asthma or anaphylaxis emergency however in doing so as soon as possible after that time the parent will be notified and/or emergency services.

Sun Protection
Illlness and Infectious
Sun Protection
Illness and Infectious Diseases
  • At BASC our sun protection policy is in line with the Australian Cancer Council recommendations, we aim to take a sensible approach to sun protection that empowers children to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing.

  • Our strategy for sun protection is based on children practicing and monitoring their own implementation of sun protection strategies as active learners. This will include children having opportunities to access UV alerts and monitoring the exposure to the sun themselves. When the UV index is 3 or above sun exposure will be minimised and children and educators will be encouraged to wear sun-safe clothing and hats.

  • Children who do not have a hat must play in a sheltered area.

  • For the safety of all children and staff, please keep your child at home if he/she is ill.  If a child arrives unwell, or becomes unwell during the course of the program, the child will be comforted and cared for until their parents or emergency contact can be notified to collect the child as soon as possible.

  • The BASC policy on infectious diseases is consistent with National Regulation, which outlines the exclusion practices for children who have an infectious disease or who have been exposed to an infectious disease.

  • In conjunction with the school, the service will ensure that parents/guardians are notified of any infectious disease present at the service or school.

  • Where a child develops symptoms at the service, parents will be asked to collect the child and seek medical diagnosis.

  • Children with infectious diseases will be excluded from the service for the period recommended by the Department of Health.

  • Please let us know if your child has been exposed to a disease away from school so that we can watch for symptoms.

  • Where there is an outbreak of an infectious disease each enrolled child’s parent/emergency contact will be notified within 24 hours under ordinary circumstances.

Incident and Injuries
Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management
Incident and Injuries
Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management
  • BASC educators will treat all minor injuries with the appropriate first aid. Families will be informed by staff and will be required to sign an incident report.

  • You will be called by the centre immediately if your child sustains a more serious injury. In cases that we perceive to be potentially life threatening, we will call an ambulance to transport your child to a medical facility and will direct you to meet the ambulance.

  • Our Service has a Risk Management plan in place for all children with life threatening allergies. The Director and staff have received specific training on Asthma and Anaphylaxis management.

  • Families will be notified if other allergens need to be avoided please follow for the safety of all children.

  • If your child suffers from Anaphylaxis or Asthma please ensure you have provided educators with an up to date Action Plans and medication (epi–pen/puffer).

Emergency Proceedures
Emergency Proceedures
  • All children and Educators will be aware of, and practised in, emergency and evacuation procedures. In the event of an emergency, natural disaster or threats of violence these procedures will be immediately implemented.

  • In implementing the practise sessions of emergency procedures with children educators will encourage children to discuss possible scenarios where emergency procedures may be required and support children to come up with solutions and ideas for improving on the procedures or discussing ways to avert emergency situations   (“My Time, Our Place”4.2 ).

  • Our Emergency Procedures are outlined in BASC Policies folder which are available for parents to view. It is recommended that parents and guardians should familiarise themselves with these policies. Parents who arrive to either drop off or collect their children during an emergency drill or real event are required to participate & follow educators instructions – families must ensure they sign their child in/out before departing.

*Signing your child in and out of our service in vital in ensuring your child’s safety in an emergency situation. Educators need an accurate attendance roll to ensure all children are accounted for.

  • The BASC program will reflect the children’s current interests, therefore activities such as ipads, computers and movies will be offered within a balanced program of activities. These activities will be educational & the amount of time will be limited

  • Staff will endeavour to ensure that the content of program and games will be appropriate for all the children present and will not contain inappropriate physical or verbal violence through the explanation of ‘rules of use’ to the children.

  • Only movies with a rating of G or PG will be shown at BASC.

Child Protection
Child Protection

At BASC the safety of children in our care is our highest priority. We strive to provide a child safe organisation by ensuring all educators are trained in child protection and aware of their responsibilities as mandatory reporters.

Children will be photographed at the service engaged in a variety of activities. Photos will be used for in-house documentation and for promotional purposes. Only children with signed permission from parents/guardians will be photographed.

BASC is a non-profit organisation that hosts up to 200 children per day. As we tend to go through resources quickly we welcomes all donations of art supplies, recycled paper & other materials as well as activities & toys in good condition.

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